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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On the Hidden/Real Costs of Healthcare/Insurance: NY Times Article

I avoid getting political in matters relating to my practice, which would include on this blog. In the case of universal health care, the political relates to my practice, and I
find myself no longer able to restrain my urge to speak out.

I suppose first off I should straight out say that I am emphatically for universal health care because it is the humane and compassionate thing to do. With the advances in western medical technology causing health care costs to rise astronomically, I can not see any reason why the so called 'most advanced nation on earth' does not provide health care/insurance for all members of it's society.
The notion of not providing health care to all, and rather only providing it to the 'haves', is medieval, IMO.

On the day that Obama will address the nation regarding providing universal health care for all, the New York Times has published an article regarding the hidden costs of health care, which it reports has risen annually to $7,500/person, $15,000/household. Up 5x the cost, from about $1,500/person, in 1960. KB

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